Network News November 2017: Happy Thanksgiving!

In this month’s issue of Network News we are sharing our new conference location, our 2017 volunteer of the year award winner, Village anniversaries, and an article from TechBoomers about best apps for daily living. Scroll down to read more!

From the Desk of the Executive Director

2017 Giving Campaign - Fill the Gap, Grow the Movement

Things are finally slowing down after the amazing conference we had in Baltimore. I want to thank all of the attendees of this year’s National Village Gathering! We work hard to schedule interesting and informative speakers, but the attendees are really the ones that make this conference so special.

I said things were slowing down, but actually things are about to speed up – big time! We are coming to the end of another year, and all of you know what that means. Year-end fundraising!

Just like individual Villages, the Village to Village Network counts on membership dues and the generous donations of people who care about what we do. With that being said…

We need your help! There are large areas of the United States and abroad that have nothing like a Village nearby. The Village Movement is the fastest-growing option to help older adults who want to age-in-place.

If you support the Village Movement and value the service and support of Village to Village Network, please consider making a donation today. Village to Village Network is the leading source of materials, information, resources and connections for developing and maintaining a Village.

A gift of $25 or more will help us "Grow the Movement!"

With over 200 Villages in operation today, imagine the impact that can be made if 10 percent of the members of each Village gave a donation of $25. If you have 50 members, that’s only 5 donations or a $125 donation from your Village! We are all in this together, ensuring that each person has equal access to a Village in their community.

Donate today! You can give online, by mail or by phone.

Online: Click Here!

Mail to: 4818 Washington Blvd, Suite 206 St. Louis, MO 63108

Phone: (617)299-9638

Happy Thanksgiving!

Natalie Galucia, Executive Director

Village to Village Network

Natalie Galucia, Executive Director of Village to Village Network

Announcing 2018 NVG!

We are excited to announce that next year's National Village Gathering, our 10th Annual National Village Gathering, will be in SAN DIEGO! We are excited to host our conference on the West Coast in 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina on October 7th - 10th. We will be in a beautiful location with some great weather, so we hope to see you all there!

The planning committee will soon be hard at work on the theme, speakers and sponsors so stay tuned for more details and look out for NVG registration to open in early spring of 2018!

Thanks again to everyone who joined us in Baltimore this year and helped to make this our largest conference yet. We had a very engaging three days with 400 attendees and speakers who focused on topics such as brain health, research, fundraising and diversity. Be sure to check out the presentations online to get a taste of what you can experience next year. Click here to view this year's conference presentations and click the subfolders for each session to access specific documentation.

2017 Volunteer of the Year Award

Each year tied in with the National Village Gathering, we have a volunteer of the year award. Volunteers are incredibly important to the Village movement and we want to give Villages a chance to tell us about their amazing volunteers. Village members nominate a volunteer from their Village and fill out a form provided by us to tell us about their nominee's accomplishments. We then have an evaluating committee read all of the submissions and vote on who gets the annual award.

Congratulations to our 2017 Volunteer of the Year Award Winner, Ron Graham from Kanawha Valley Village People in West Virginia! Read below about the Village Movement's amazing volunteer.

Ron has been a volunteer of KVVP for five years. He is their Board Secretary and also chief organizer and leader for Village hiking trips throughout the state. The trips are not just local; he has made all the arrangements for overnight and long distance trips as well. This year he organized a trip to Virginia to visit Charlottesville, Monticello, and Staunton (for the Shakespeare playhouse and shows).

He then took on the responsibility of linking former board members to current board for continuity in leadership. Ron also creates and publishes a bi-weekly eBulletin to the members, keeping them informed of Village happenings and other events in the area that may affect them or be of interest to them. He took a 'sometime' program of Dutch Treat dinners and turned it into a dependable, scheduled monthly event - a social opportunity for members to enjoy a dinner together, each month at a different location/restaurant, or in the case of this summer, at the ballpark! He sends out eBlasts to remind members of upcoming events or activities as necessary - such as 'last call' to sign up for a hike, trip, or reminder of a dinner or program event.

Ron is also a volunteer member of the Communications Committee (for at least five years) and the Membership Committee. As he said recently, if you want to get something done, do it. No one else is waiting to do it for you! He acts on that philosophy all the time, to the benefit of the membership and the organization. He is one of the underlying strengths of the organization. His willingness to put in the time on minutes and reminders to the board and to others keep us all on track.

His time in providing organizational skills to our program offerings have given new life to the Village. Prior to him, the only hiking opportunities were short and last minute options locally. Since the membership is a 'young' group of seniors for a large part, his efforts at carefully planned longer trips to various forests, state parks, and national parks have upgraded our organization in a substantial way. He is already canvasing the membership for future choices to travel and enjoy trips together to interesting locations beyond the locale. His participation in committee work shows his willingness to share his skills and work in a team to the betterment of the organization. He is an extremely valuable volunteer and the Village is a better organization for his efforts. Congrats to Ron Graham for winning Village to Village Network's 2017 Volunteer of the Year Award!

Village Anniversaries!

The following Villages have a Village Anniversary in November. Happy Anniversary Villages!

  • Northeast Village PDX- Villages NW- 1 year
  • Penn's Village- 10 years
  • SLO Village- 1 year
  • Village At Home- 6 years
  • Wellesley Neighbors- 6 years
  • Wellington Cares - 5 years
  • Greater Lewes Community Village - 4 years
  • Bethesda Metro Area Village - 1 year

Apps to Make Life Easier by TechBoomers

It is a complete misconception that seniors can’t make use of technology – regardless of their previous exposure to it. If you’re an older adult and you have the means to get yourself a personal device such as an Android or Apple smart phone or tablet, you can make use of hundreds of apps that can not only make your life simpler and safer – but much more fun. Though you may think you fall on the side of the digital divide that can’t figure out how to use apps, you can easily learn, and we want to help. In this article, we will give you the ultimate list of the best apps for seniors to use, and break them down into categories so you can choose the ones you need most in your life. The apps we recommend can help you with:

Improving your health – apps that assist with accessing medical information, and reminding you to keep up with your health.

For accessibility – apps that can magnify text, read text aloud, and help you hear and see things better on the small screen of your device.

For entertainment – don’t let life get dull; these apps can keep things interesting, and have you watching endless movies and TV shows, accessing all the music you love, and more.

For saving money – apps that can save you a few dollars in ways you might not have even known existed.

For helping with memory – don’t let it slip away! With these apps, you’ll improve your memory and cognition, and get help remembering everything you need to keep track of.

For keeping social – apps that help improve the reach of your communication, and help keep you connected with your loved ones.

For news and updates – these apps help you get real-time updates on all the information you like to keep tabs on in your daily life.

Click here to learn more about 26 apps designed to make life easier for seniors!

4818 Washington Blvd Suite 206 St Louis, MO 63108

For more info email us at vtv@vtvnetwork.org


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