The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Spark Story by Anne Lee

Spatial Experience

When I first entered the auditorium, I was honestly surprised by how nice and large it was. As I scanned the theater, I realized that there was no bad seat; each seat offered a full, clear view of the stage. Though I sat on the side in the back, I was still able to enjoy every element of the play. The brief quiet as the lights dimmed and the buzz of the audience settled is always one of the most exciting parts of experiencing a performance. That short period of time holds so much anticipation as the thought of being transported to a new world grips the audience's excitement. Place has an important role in the Good Life because it can transform one's experience. The location of an event or performance greatly affects the ambiance that people experience.

Social Experience

I was fortunately able to attend the performance with a few of my friends. We got ready for the play by meeting before being escorted to our seats and briefly reading the program. By going with friends, I was able to enjoy the play even more. I enjoyed hearing them laugh at some of the witty dialogue and hearing their occasional comments. My experience felt more complete by being able to react with people I knew. Having shared experiences is vital to the Good Life because we as human beings need social interaction. By being a part of each other's lives, people live a healthier, happier life. Relationships are the key to a fulfilling life, which can be formed by going through similar situations.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The play's theme of hypocrisy shone a light on how we need to be more conscious of our society and culture. Though the setting of the story may be quite different from what we know, the vices of hypocrisy remain all the same. This theme could be seen in multiple aspects of the play: the church was hiding its dark sins and theater lovers "fought" societal woes by writing and watching plays about them. The performance created an eerie feeling of irony as we the audience watched a play largely about the injustice of the oppressed to create the goods enjoyed by us, the privileged. The story can serve as a red flag for how complacent people can become. It also stresses how people can easily overlook or become desensitized to the evils of society. The performance made me realize the importance of seeking information and the necessity of staying alert.

Emotional Experience

Although The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt shed light on some difficult topics, it provided the audience with a chance for katharsis. We can walk away with the knowledge that though we as human beings can be responsible for horrid things, redemption and justice is always attainable. The themes of the play pointed out that the truth can be difficult to confront and that social disparity can be devastating. However, the story reveals that not all is lost. There will always be somebody who is willing to discover the hard truths in the hopes of bettering humanity.


Photos were taken by my friends (Jorge Gonzalez and Ana Arnillas) and me.

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