Easter’s Festivities A photo essay by JoAn McKenna

Chocolate oreo shake

This year we decided to try something new, ice cream from the Hunger Block! The shake was very unique and different than anything I have had before. The chocolate shake was a little warm and Oreos were mixed up in it. On the top laid whipped cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, Nutella, a vinella ice cream bar, and a Krispy Kreme dohnut. I though it tasted delicious however everyone else did not care for it. I would recommend going there after you get your pay check because for two shakes, it costs $38!!!

Pineapple string art

We went to The Makery which we heard about from a family friend. There were a vierte of different art types you could complete. There was string art, painting, and more. If you are making string art, they give you a wooden board and a cooling sheet. On the coloring sheet, there were X’s for where you were supposed to nail the nails. You hammered them in halfway. When all the nails were nailed, you picked out sting from a variety of different colors. You wrap the string around the nails until you are satisfied with the look. As you can see, I made a pineapple.

Baby giraffe

Every year my family goes to the zoo during Easter time and there is usually a new baby. This time there were many babies including: a 2 week old giraffe, a Pygmy Hippo, and a gorilla. We spent more time at these places than we had time for but they were all so adorable.

My sister Bonnie finds a hidden Easter egg filled with candy

Bonnie partakes in the Easter hunt and ends up getting more than anyone else because we all help he find eggs. Inside the eggs were malted milk balls, jelly beans, and other chocolates.

My brothers Rosary

This rosary is very old and fragile. It was broken so my brother was going to give it to my grandma to fix it. With all the Easter excitement, he forgot to take it out of his pocket. We went on our Easter egg hunt and we were sitting down counting all of our eggs. He remembered the rosary was in his pocket and got it out to give it to my grandma. He accidentally dropped it in between the cracks of our porch. The porch is very low to the ground and has girders. We were all in our Sunday best but got down on the ground to see if we could reach it. We couldn’t. We grabbed a 4 pronged hoe and tried to get it. It moved but not enough. We finally had the idea to get a long paint stick stirrer and put it in the crack to move it. We eventually got it out of the porch.

Family photo

Easter is the time we get our photos taken. I’m the one in the green dress, My 12 year old brother Tom above me, is my 13 year old sister Grace on the right, in Grace’s lap is my 9 month old sister Mercy, and in my lap is my 3 year old sister Bonnie.

My sisters visit the Easter bunny.

Visiting the Easter bunny at the mall is yearly tradition. Though I am too old to sit on his lap, I enjoy watching my younger sisters visit the Easter bunny. She didn’t want to leave because she liked the bunny so we had to bribe her with cookies.

Build-A-Bear Bunny

After the cookies we went to Build-A-Bear workshop to get a bunny for my sister Bonnie. I got a bear when I was little so it was her turn. The Bunny’s name is Bonnie named after the owner.

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