Durable Goods GOPRO HERO 5

Main Features

The GoPro HERO 5 is the most advanced GoPro the company has produced yet. The reason it is so powerful and easy to use is because of its special features that include its 4K video stabilization, voice control, one button simplicity, touch display and waterproof design that can go straight into the water without a protective case. Other features include its smooth stabilized video, crystal clear audio and quality photos and GPS all these things together make the GoPro HERO 5 Black the best GoPro ever made. The GoPro is 62mm ✕ 44.6mm ✕ 32.7mm making it relatively small and easy to mount on anything. You can also directly upload your footage without using a cord by the GoPro advanced apps called Capture and Quik which let you upload your footage automatically via Wi-Fi.

What affected my choice

Price – I wanted to compare and see the differences in price between all the competing brands and I knew a GoPro could be a bit more expensive but I was willing to pay a bit more for a product that would last a long time and I would get good, quality footage out of.

Convenience – It is relatively easy to buy a GoPro as they are so popular and are sold everywhere around me. Also, if I didn’t have time to go down to my local mall I could’ve also bought it online and go ordered express shipping so it would’ve arrived soon after I ordered without too much extra cost. I also thought the GoPro would ba a good option as I had seen advertising saying that you can download all your photos and videos to you device via wifi. I knew this would save me a lot of time and effort trying to figure out how to transfer them from one device to another.

Marketing – The marketing of the GoPro definitely affected my choice as I knew from the very beginning that I wanted an underwater camera of that brand. I had a quick look into other competitive brands like SONY, Olympus and Nikon but they were all similar or a bit cheaper in price and I hadn’t seen them being advertised as much and I knew a GoPro was small and easy to use. Also, as a teenager I’m always seeing things being advertised for the GoPro online and some of my friends and famous people are posting videos of them doing thrill seeking sports while filming on the GoPro. I was inspired to go and buy one after seeing children my age posting impressive footage. Also seeing that it had easy user friendly software to cut and make movies.

Environmental – The GoPro is environmentally friendly and doesn’t have a part that is terribly bad for the environment. The only thing that may worry some people is that it uses a lithium battery and this element may run out soon if we don’t find another product we can use. The GoPro accessories are also made out of plastic which may turn people off. Apart from those the GoPro is reasonably environmentally friendly and none of its parts will affect the environment dramatically.

Where to buy the product

Personally, I would buy my GoPro from JB HI FI because I’ve bought other goods from this store before and I know that they are reliable and trustworthy. I’ve also seen that they sell a lot of the accessories for the GoPro and package deals so I can get it cheaper than online. I would also buy it from here because they give you quality advice and tips on how to use and how to set it up. It also means if something goes wrong I have a store to go back to.

Methods of Payment

I paid with a debit card when purchasing my good because it is quick, easy and just like using cash but safer because I don’t have to carry cash around. I didn’t have to borrow any money to buy it or pay any interest I was just purely paying with my money. I could’ve also used a credit card because it would be quick and easy and I would accrue frequent flyer points as well however the credit card provider normally charges and extra 1 – 2% on the total fee and if I didn’t pay my all my credit card of by the end of the month I would’ve had to pay interest as well so therefore I paid with my debit card.

If something goes wrong...


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