Prayer Ministry Dynamics TRM are presenting this teaching series dealing specifically with our emotional and spiritual needs.

There are two aspects to the training where the teaching provides theoretical understanding and practical application.

  • To give insight and understanding of our own personal issues so that we can be enabled to serve and minister to others. The Bible encourages us to examine ourselves, 1st Corinthians chapter 11 verse 28.
  • To minister effectively into the emotional and spiritual needs of others.

This teaching is not designed to bypass professionally trained personnel such as psychotherapists or counsellors but is designed to give a positive grounding in the scriptural principles that have helped many people over the world for centuries.

TRM has ministered to many hundreds of people over the past thirty-five years, and through courses like this, it endeavours to equip the Church to bring wholeness and healing to many more.


Contending with The Evil Spiritual Realm • Contending with the flesh • Contending with the world • The Sin Factor • Unforgiveness • Pride and Control • Anxiety • The Spoken Word • Life’s Circle of Experience • Rejection and Behavioural Responses • Father Heart • Distortions of ‘Father’ and In Utero Experience + workshop • Active Listening + workshop • Generational Influences • Freemasonry • Authority of the Believer + workshop

God bless,

Brian Patton, ACC

Director, Times of Refreshing Ministries


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