Shirt Shifter Dress With Variety.

About our Product.

Here at Shirt Shifter we try to make every customer satisfied with our product. Our goal is to make choosing clothes easier. This is for all that choose to dress with variety and style. Half of our earnings will go to the Make a Wish Foundation (link at the bottom of the page.)

Mens button up (2017 collection, $149.99)

Shopping Info.

Our company offers a variety of apparel. Everything is 100% cotton to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Our optional clothing ranges from the 50's to 500's. The needed remote however, costs 29.99.

Shirt Shifter Remote 29.99

How did we do it?

The Shirt Shifter is life changing product. With safe levels of radioactive batteries and a wireless remote we were able to control the color of your shirt.

Contact Info


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