Jaime's Goals By Jaime Rhoads Period 1

Semester 2 goals

By the end of this semester I will want to end math with at least a B. I will try to accomplish this goal by turning in all my homework. I will try to do my best on tests and quizzes

I will try my best in math this semester and work harder.
I will try to get more than a C on all my math tests and quizzes.
English goals

My goal in English this semester is to turn in all my work on time. I will complete this by keeping up with my work and turning it in when i am supposed to.

I will try to do my best on all my English projects and turning them in on time.
Instead of getting 10% off of my assignments i will turn them in on time.
Highschool goal

By the end of high school i will want to be applying for colleges and trying to find a job. I will do this by trying not to hang out with my friends as often then i do.

I would like to start off as a dental assistant.
After highschool

My goal for after high school is to graduate and go to college to be a dental hygienist. I will complete this goal by getting good grades and applying for colleges my senior year. I would love to attend NAU but is i can't attend NAU I will attend...

Mesa Community College. ...

This is my first choice college i would want to attend it is close to my family that lives in mesa and it is far from my house but it is a good dental program for me.

Northern Arizona University

NAU is the university that i would really want to go to but it wouldn't be a good place to start off with a university.

Phoenix College

Phoenix college is the fourth choice but it is also close to my family.

Pima Community College

Pima is the fifth choice but i would love to go to this college and it has a good dental program.

Rio Salado College.

Rio Salado is one of the colleges i am thinking to go to if i don't get excepted but Rio is my last choice to apply to.

Personal Growth Goal

My personal growth is to grow my relationship with my friends . I will do this by socializing with them and making them feel like they are part of my family.

I learned that over the years my friends are part of my family and that i will always treat them how i would treat my real family.
I would never treat any of my friends like they are just someone who i talk too. My friends i have right now are part of my family and will never be part of anything else.

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