Microscope How to CarE& use

Microscope drawing labeled

Care of the Microscope

Carrying the Microscope

  • always use two hands
  • place on hand around the arm
  • then put the other hand under the base for support
  • lift carefully
  • when placing the scope down…do it gently

Cleaning the microscope

  • clean with lens tissue
  • Cotton swab can be used in place of tissue
  • clean these
  • eyepiece lens
  • objective lenses
  • glass condenser lens
  • glass opening on stage

Storing the Microscope

  • keep it covered when storing it
  • place the microscope in cabinet when not in use

How to use

To find an object in high power these are the steps you need to follow

  • Switch nose to low power objective
  • center - pointer to where you want it
  • focus - use course adjustment (big noble) to see clearly
  • light - diaphragm you can adjust the light
  • tweak - fine focus it helps you define the object
Repeat twice after and change objective

Making a Wet Mount

  • clean glass slide
  • clean glass cover slip
  • add object
  • half size of pinky fingernail
  • thin so you can see thru it
  • add one drop of water
  • add one drop of stain ( if needed )

Writing a Lab Report


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