Heating Impossible expired prints

As I mentioned in my other tutorial there are many ways to improve your (expired) Impossible SX-70 and 600 prints. It ranges from using a frog tongue to editing in Snapseed on you iPhone or iPad. While surfing the web i also found tips for using a hairdryer or sigaret lighter to heat up you Impossible prints. I found an other way which gives very nice and strong results...

How to go from a faded overexposed print to the one on the right?
First grab the "bottom" part of the viewfinder en pull it straight upwards.
Lock the camera in upright position with the metal lock on the right side of the camera

Buy and install an Impossible Frog Tongue

Now insert your film, make 1 shot and keep the dark slide at hand and also your dark pouch.
  • The Impossible film is most sensitive to light during the first 10 second and needs to be put in a dark place to develop for the next 40 minutes. (The new films which will come out in june 2016 wil only need 20 minutes to develop and give a preview already after 2 minutes. )
  • Directly after you take your shot let it rest in the frog tongue for about 10 seconds
  • then slide in the dark slide and grap the film.
  • insert it in the dark pouch together and withdraw the dark slide.

Picture still to light/faded?

Set a 1/3 minus correction on the camera to get a darker image and then edit the image in Snapseed on your IOS device.

A faster and easier way !

Directly after taken the picture put it in the sink, face down, with water at a temperature of about 70 degrees

cover the picture up with a nice bowl after about 1 or 2 minutes and leave it there for about 5 minutes

Take the picture out of the water and put it face down on a cleaning cloth

Fold it up so it is hidden inside

Put it in a drawer

Close it and leave it there for the next 10 minutes

Take it out and press the moisture of it with your hand

Then clean it lightly with a towel , but be careful not to rub, just apply slight pressure.

The difference

Left regular picture with minus correction and right the picture developed in hot water. Seeing the result with boosted colors and contrast it might in some situations be better to take a picture without any correction because it will be darker during heating. As with many Impossible instant prints this is a creative proces and you can give it your own twist.

Here another sample serie

Normal print with -1/3 correction

Heated in water print with NO correction

Heated in water print with -1/3 correction

So go out and Experiment!

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