Regard The first football whistle for deaf players by PlantTea Designs

Meet Regard, the first bluetooth whistle for the hard of hearing.

Regard connects and pairs with smart watches and phones and will send vibrations to the connected device when the whistle is blown. Regard is currently in its 2nd generation and we are still looking to improve our product. The price varies between the different bluetooth ranges in the chips that have been installed. The whistle itself is made of brass and can be ordered to come int custom painted designs and colours if you want to spice things up.

These are the current models for Regard. They are in their developing state and will be ready to be ordered and made on the 1st of January 2017.

This is the Adobe Spark Video about it. We plan to sell each whistle for around $50 (standard) and $70 for a waterproof casing / custom design. They weigh about 1 kg / 0.001 tonnes/ 2.3 pounds / 35 ounces.

These are the concept colours that were originally going to be the only colours available. They can now be made to fit your team's flag.

This is one of the other concept pages (made in Adobe Sketch).

Here is a design for a football team's flag:

This is an example of a custom designed whistle. This has been designed with the features of the West Bromwich Albion football team flag/ emblem which is the team my family supports.

PlantTea Designs is hoping to launch a kickstarter for Regard in a week to fund the making of the first 50 whistles. These will be distributed to teams across the UK and will be custom painted to fit the teams design.

Planttea Designs

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Look at this tiny ^ little 3x3 image.
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