Dreams final project by Yovanni Garcia

Universal Theme:Dreams are like an engine it keeps you going on the road of success.

"Of mice and men"

" Look Down there acrost the river like you can almost see the place...When we gona do it?Gonna do it soon. Me an' you. You . . . An' me. Everybody gonna be nice nice to you. Ain't no one gone hurt you nor steal from 'em." Pg.10

Well they didn't really get there dream phisacly. I feel that at the end he got it mentally because at the end George tells Lennie to to paint an image of there dream in his head.He dose this because he wants Lennie to think about there dream for his next life in heaven. For me I feel that this is success for Lennie.

The Scarlet Ibis

"There wasn't a sound as Doodle walked slowly across the room and sat down at his place at the table. Then mama began to cry and run over to him hugging and kissing him. Daddy hugged him." Pg.3

This shows how Doodle brother dream was was to make his brother do things that a regular person can do ,so his family can be proud of Doodle.Him walking is just showing success. This shows my universal theme because his dream was to make Doddle do anything a person and this led him to succeed to do it.

Matin Luther King Jr.

"I have a dream..."- Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther Kings dream as right now is in success. His dream of making American society in peace and that everyone has equality is successful in the present day? If you think about it a couple years ago we had are first African American President.We have developed as a nation to say that Martin Luthers dream is successful and hopefully stay that way.


Dreams do lead you to success as you can see in all the text the characters had all different types of dreams that led them to there own success.We all have a dream that most likely will have success. I can applie this to me because my dream is watch I want so for me that is success.Hopefully that all of you can follow your dream to success.

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