Abigail Sullivan Bentley University

"Let people know what your brand is, and why a shoot with you is an experience, not a waste of energy."

Tell us about yourself!

Hey, I'm Abigail Sullivan! I'm a candidate for a Bachelors of Science degree in Managerial Economics with a concentration in Information Design and Corporate Communications, and a minor in Politics, at Bentley University, May 2021. I'm the Incoming Vice President of the Project Creative Industries arts organization at Bentley, serving the campus as Adobe student ambassadors. I joined the club this past year to get more involved at Bentley, as I just transferred into the university, and I am eternally grateful I did.

I'm a self-employed photographer, shooting with a passion for unique editing and out of the box photo shoot ideas. My photography series are all created by finding beauty in the challenges, which include embracing crowds and artificial lighting in my photo shoots.

Right now, I'm really happy where I am. I'm a Marketing and Event Planning Associate at Protobrand, a system 1 market research consultancy. Protobrand gives me the freedom to not only learn more about economics, but to also find creative ways to promote the firm.

This upcoming Spring, I'll be studying abroad at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, a school (down under) that embraces all things tech and creative. I'm eager to broaden my horizons as an artist and a student.

I see myself in the long run continuing to pursue a creative career, and working with more bands and brands. I love creating content, designing websites and networking.

Advice you would like to share?

I think the best advice I could offer is that you are your #1 marketing advocate. The best shoots I ever scored with clients have been through networking; collecting business cards, getting to know people, following up, connecting with the person on LinkedIn... show people you're worth their time. Perfect your business practice. Let people know what your brand is, and why a shoot with you is an experience, not a waste of energy.

"You are your #1 marketing advocate."

Tools and apps most people don't know about?

First off, I swear by Adobe Lightroom- can't live without it. An app that not many people know about is Lens Distortions (logo is "LD"). Definitely a great app for beginners who want to mess with lighting. Check it out HERE.

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