4A21 Ella Miller

Hello I am a German girl named Ella Miller I am coming from Germany with my sister Eleanor and my mom and dad. We want to go to California to see our other siblings Luke, Craig, Adam, Mary, John, and William. We are bringing a service dog with us for my sister Eleanor. She is blind and can't see. The dog is a German Shepherd named Cassie. We also have a puppy just for fun. Before your wondering yes we do play with both dogs. The puppy's name is Mazie. Our brothers John and William have two dogs named Boo and Millie. And Luke , Mary , and Adam have a pitbull. Craig just has German shepherd named Buddy because he is a police officer so do not mess with me I have a policeman brother. We stayed on the boat and had a first class. We ate so much. We stayed there for 3 weeks. And when we got off we rented a sports car. I loved it so much! We met my other siblings at the beach. My mom was so happy to get off the boat since she gets sea sick. I was rollingaround on the sand and screaming of exitement. My family was so happy to be together again. Eleanor was crying tears of joy. Our dogs were being crazy. My parents were doing lots of hugging. We live in a mansion. We have a butler. We are living the life with are family and dogs. Remind me to never go on that boat ever again. Now that were in California time to ride the waves bruh. The waves are riches. ;-D

The statue of liberty came from France as a gift.

It is a monument that stands in New york.

Its modeled after the Libertas.

The torch stands for freedom.

I love California.

I love traveling with my family.

I loved the view of the ocean.


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