Ballet is not easy at all.You have to be flexible,strong,and you have to always be on task.You also have to have good memorization.The most important are the positions of your arms and feet.There are only five though.Below,there is a link that explains each position.

If you do not wish to watch the video,I will add pictures below.

Some of the most important movements in Ballet are Battement Tendu,Plie,and Port De Bras.

Battement Tendu


Demi is the picture below.

Grand is the picture above.

Port De Bras is the picture below.

To demonstrate Tendu is very easy. But for this movement you have to know your basic positions.(The positions are above.)First,you start in a closed position.(Such as first,third,or fifth.)Next,you slide your foot out on the floor.your toes have to be pointed.The movement helps you stretch your muscles.

Plie is a very simple movement.It is when you bend your knees slightly or fully.Demi Plie is slightly bent.Grand Plie is fully bent.

Last but not least, we have Port De Bras. The definition is the movement of the arms. This movement is most likely the easiest out of the three.But regardless, it is still very important.Port De Bras is important because you basically have to use your arms for almost everything in Ballet. But, all your positions have to be memorizedĀ as before you learn this.

The 2 things I will be comparing and constrasting are Jazz and Ballet because I do them both at PPACS.

This is what my major is about.

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