Taking a Stand A Movie review

While many movies released throughout the years have been dominated by male-lead roles, Taking a Stand offers refreshing alternative to this trend. Taking a Stand is a movie that stands out from the montage of movies that have been released recently and deserves recognition as its exceptional plot, characters, and actors break out of the stereotypical mold to deliver a viewing experience as unique as the story itself.


In Taking a Stand, female small town detective Sydney Laurano (Emma Watson) receives a warning from an unknown sender warning her not to disclose the details of the murder of a wealthy businessman during a scheduled televised report- unless she wants terrible things to happen to her company and her reputation as a detective. The suspect has already been arrested, so why does the sender not want the details disclosed? Was the suspect framed? Who sent her the warning?? Who is the real murderer, and what were the motives? As the date of the report approaches, she notifies her co-workers of the warning she received, and they all tell her to disregard it- except for her boss (Steve Carell), and her timid, soft-spoken sister (Reese Witherspoon). Claiming it would not be in the best interest of the company to disclose the details of the murder and risk suffering the threats mentioned in the warning, her boss threatens to fire her if she goes through with the scheduled report. Her sister is fearful of the threats directed towards Sydney, and does not believe the truth is worth the loss of Sydney's position as detective. Will Sydney discover who is truly to blame for the murder, and more importantly, will she take her stand for what she knows to be the truth, even if those around her do not believe the truth is worth the cost?

Character Overview

The main actors and actresses chosen to play the lead roles of Taking a Stand wonderfully fulfill the roles of their characters. As mentioned before, Emma Watson plays the lead role as Sydney Laurano. Watson does incredible justice to the feminist-esque character of Laurano all throughout the movie, and perfectly portrays the headstrong, persistent young detective who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, no matter the personal losses she may suffer.

Steve Carell is a fitting actor to play the role of Laurano's boss. Carell perfectly embodies the chauvinistic and overbearing boss, who is often disrespectful and underestimates Sydney's capabilities solely based on her young age and her gender. Carell also does a fantastic job showing off the rude, selfish, and cowardly personality traits of the boss, which influence many of the decisions he makes throughout the movie.

The role of Sydney's sister, Ella Laurano, is played by Reese Witherspoon. Witherspoon does an exemplary job of portraying the soft-spoken nature of Sydney's sister, who is Sydney's polar opposite. As Sydney faces tough choices regarding her own personal safety, Ella is always there trying to convince her that the possible benefits are simply not worth the risk, and that it would be foolish to even consider putting herself in danger.

Sydney's co-worker and love interest (who is also the son of Sydney's boss), played by Ryan Gosling, is constantly found by Sydney's side helping her as she tries to unravel the mysteries surrounding the warning and murder and promising to support her in any decisions she may make in the end. He is committed to protecting her from anyone and everyone, including his father with his threats against Sydney if she chooses to go through with the report.

In conclusion, Taking a Stand is an intriguing drama that will keep you interested throughout its duration due to the exciting plot and genuine talent of the main actors. The female-lead role is a welcome change to many of the male-lead roles in cinematography today, and the actors chosen for the lead roles do an excellent job portraying their characters as their real-life personalities mesh seamlessly with the personalities of the characters they represent.


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