Modeling Change Project By Genaro

So, The very first thing we had to do for this project is chose a project, the topic I chose for this presentation is the population of the United States (U.S.)

So, here is a picture of my graph. The data I collected was from 1800 to 2000, 15 data points were needed but my graph had 20. When we had made our graph we had to make 3 or more sets of data as you can see in my graph. The next thing we had to do was create a line of best fit for each set of data points.

So, to find a line of best fit we had to chose two data points from the set o data we were using. and then find the slope and y int. (m,b) to make an equation. If we found the equation we needed to put it into desmos and the line of best fit wold appear, if your calculations were right ofcource.

here is a picture of my calculations for my first data group
here for the second
and here for the third
here is a picture of my graph with the lines of best fit in it. After we made separate lines of best fit we had to make a line of best fit for the whole graph.
So this is a picture of the calculations.
so this is the graph with the whole line of best fit.

Now another thing we had to do was find out what our graph said about the future. In my case I had to find out what the population in the U.S. would be in 50 years from my last data point so in 2050, but also in 95 years so 2095. In 2050 the population would be 340, 900,000. This makes sense to me because in the year 2000 the population was 291,421,190 meaning that it had increased by 49,478,094 in 50 years. At first I wasn't sure if this made sense so I looked at the difference between 1950 and 2000 and the difference was 130,096,108 so it ray does. Now for the 95 year difference. So, my graph said that in 2095 the population would be 408,770,000. This means that the population would have increased by 117348094 from 2000 and 67,870,000 from 2050 Therefor it does make sense.


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