ElementsOfArt By Jonathan Ticao

Lines are all around us. Like speckles of dust. They are non-existent, yet they are infinite. They are so divine, that even this poem has lines.
There are infinite possibilities of shapes. We even mentally break down shapes into other shapes. And that is how things are unique.
Form is an object that can be seen from many sides and angles. It is usually 3-dimensional.
Value shows the light or darkness of color. A perspective like no other. Value is awesome.
Space is an open area of a setting. It's what gives our surroundings meaning.
Color is what makes life beautiful. It is very crucial. Without light, it will be out of sight. That's why we need the sun, or else it would be no fun.
Texture is something you can feel or see, but it may not be what it seems. It can be illusion, but that's the solution.

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