Nataviea's Best Photo's I took this picture of the drums through a window and it turned out how I wanted it.

I picked this photo because I thought that it had a really good texture. There was a nice color to it and I just think that it is cool. It was a life of moment. I think it was fun to take this picture.
I love this picture because Oliver is running and it is like movement in the air. This picture was taken on the Sky Bridge.
I like this picture because we were assigned to take a picture of wind and I took a picture of Chaise's hair. I took this picture because the wind is blowing Chaise's hair and her hair looks really crazy and funny.
This picture was taken downtown on a brick full of dirt. This is one of the construction mans glove. I took this picture because the glove looks lazy.
I like this picture because it is centered right and just how I wanted it. It looks like a witches stick is coming out the ground, and I think that it is funny. I just thought that this picture was awesome and my favorite.
I took this picture for fun. That is a big grilled rib. I thought that it looked really yummy, so I took a picture.

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