Natural Activity at Florida Museum of Natural History Gloria Ashiya katuka


The best way to describe the Florida Museum of Natural History is the place that time does not exist. The clock stops ticking and everything stops and all you do is get wrapped in an experience of a lifetime. I have to admit that this is the best place I have ever been to since I arrived on this campus. Apart of the timelessness that I experienced there, I have never viewed nature is a box until now. Most of the time, we thin of nature as the wild, uncontrolled and very distant from the norm. FLMNH redefined nature for me, nature is compacted, it is an interaction between organisms in a unique way and its not a as broad and vague as we imagined it to be. Here, I felt the embrace of nature and experienced the effects of to nature and appreciating the beauty of all aspects of it.


Like most kids, when I was younger I loved butterflies and flowers. I had different views on why butterflies and flowers had the relationship they did. At first, I thought butterflies lived in flowers, then i thought the flowers became butterfly. It was an eye opening day for me when I learned about pollination and the true relationship between a butterfly and a flower. From then, I realised that there is always more to learn about everything. Walking into FLMNH resurrected my past journeys and encounter with butterflies and flowers. I was super excited about the butterflies and just the idea of how many species excited left me in awe. There are different butterflies and there are different butterflies across different continents. the display of the butterflies from the wall frames to the walking out and experiencing the real butterflies. I could not help but trying to find out which butterfly is which and that made me more active and more involved with the environment. Overall, it was an amazing experience that has further ignited my love for butterflies while making me appreciate the beautiful nature that exist as a result of the butterflies.


I absolutely believed Leopold's assertions on our need to appreciate nature. I felt so great about my experiences at FLMNH, and the atmosphere was filled with other people's response as well. Almost everyone was enjoying themselves. It felt like walking through those two doors was a process of changing dimensions. Although, some people might feel like the setting was restrictive for the butterflies and other organisms because it is enclosed, I believe that we will not have nearly as great of an experience if FLMNH was not as it is. Seeing is one way of experiencing things and believing is another. Our beliefs sees beyond the physical and shapes our ideologies as well as our ethical dispositions. One of the major ethical challenges is whether or not the conservation and use of butterflies in an artificial settings away from their forest habitat is a worthy cause. Arguments can be made for both sides with reasons, so I believe it will be left to the experience of all individuals independently.


If I cannot connect myself with nature and if I can reincarnate, I will most certainly want to be a butterfly. I will like my spirit to fly around and make people blossom like flowers.However, in the more realistic setting, the different species of butterflies definitely surprised me and I just can not deny the mystery behind it. The Universe is the epitome of uniqueness and it shows us in varying forms one of which is the butterflies in FLMNH. I think I have learned to appreciate nature, beauty and life from my experiences and to see every organism as extraordinary. In a nutshell, we have so much to live for and the value of our existence in any form is tied to how we accept the idea that we are different transformation of energy. Since energy is all matter and in all form. Our spirit is energy and is present in nature, therefore, we need to protect our nature to protect ourselves.

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