Top 10 Portfolio By: Michela Kim

observing empathy hospital video

One of my favorite activities from my first Innovation class was the observing empathy hospital video. This video really stood out to me more than all the other activities we did in the class because it made me look at how things affect people from a different perspective. I've been to a hospital a good amount of times and watching this video actually reminded me of a time when I shut a door on my finger and had to get stitches. I walked into that hospital a few years back thinking my life was about to end because my finger was half off, but I didn't put into perspective that several people at this hospital had much more severe news than a broken finger. This video made me think more creatively and learned to put myself in other peoples shoes.


IA Week Speaker: "The speaker said it best when he said "The University of Florida has created a conveyer belt. Students attend preview, review the catalog, take classes, review the catalog again, and bam you're graduated."

"No one will have the same University of Florida experience as me."

Always remember that!

Abstracting our favorite animal

Abstracting my favorite animal was one of the more challenging activities I completed in this course. I found it challenging because I am not the most artistic person but it was also difficult because we could only use a certain amount of lines to draw our favorite animal.

Observing: the action or process of observing something or someone carefully or in order to gain information

Observing outside and watching an object

For this assignment we had to choose an object outside of the classroom and observe it. We wrote down things we noticed about the object, how it looked, how it felt, how it smelt etc. I chose to stare at a fake plant for a few minutes and observe this plant. I wrote a few things down like the plant was green, fake, mix of different rocks, the vase was reflective, and a few other things. I learned from this activity that I noticed much more about this plant while I stared at it for several minutes rather than just walking by the object on my way to class.

30-Day Challenge

The 30-Day Challenge was a project divided into 3 sections where we had to do something different each day that we normally did not do. Students had to choose from a list of things such as drawing two improbable animals offspring each day, writing a haiku, writing a poem about an imaginary superhero and much more. I found the second and third part of the project difficult because I had to repeat the same thing each day where as the first part I did something different each day. Even though this project was challenging for me to get out of my comfort zone, I was able to do so. This project made me think outside the box and was effective on my creativity.


Straw Tower Exercise

For this exercise in class, we were given tape, scissors and straws and we had to make the tallest straw tower. Although my group failed at this exercise, I was able to learn a few things from this exercise. First, to make anything work in a group it involves team effort. Second, with these kinds of exercises you have to think one step ahead like if you tape the straw to the table this way how are you going to add another straw to make it stand? Third, communicate with your peers. This was the hardest part for this exercise because our professor chose two people out of each group to not be able to do some sort of communication like keeping their eyes closed or not being able to speak.

3D Printing

Throughout this project I was able to become oriented with the 3D fabrication lab, create a 3D prototype and experience building at least 2 different types of prototypes. For this 3D modeling, my group came up with a game called Bow Meow. This game was meant for students to learn Spanish but as well play a game while learning it. My group designed a game board with chips which were designed as cats. Throughout this whole process, my group and I realized we had made a few mistakes like the sizing of the board and the chips. While creating this project I realized 3D designing was very challenging for me because I'm not very good with computers but I did learn a few things about this software which I could use in the future for my IDS courses.

The Creative Person's Resume

For this assignment, I decided to choose Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was an American entrepreneur, business man, inventor, and industrial designer. He was the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc. I chose him for this assignment because he ran such a large successful company. From this assignment I learned that even very successful people do have failures. As I researched Steve Jobs, even he had failures on his journey of being creative. I learned what motivates creative people and how they go about putting their ideas into real life.

Steve Jobs

Favorite Childhood Learning Tool

My favorite childhood learning tool growing up that I thought was most effective were letter blocks. Letter/learning blocks promote better motor skills, mental stimulation, math and vocabulary skills, improves creativity, and encourages positive social interaction. Children learn to think logically by rearranging the blocks to spell different words and to see what fits what. Building and learning blocks require a great amount of thought for a child and this exercises the brain properly. This assignment made me realize how much of an affect learning tools at a young age can have an impact on your creativity as you get older.

empathy journal on the topic of health and wellness

For seven days I had to keep an empathy journal on the topic of "health and wellness." Each day I had to observe 3 things in my daily life that remind me of people's health and wellness. My observations ranged from being at the gym to walking around the University of Florida campus. A few things I wrote down in my empathy journal were about access to clean water, children socialization, extreme weather and an active lifestyle. I learned how things we do daily have a huge affect on our health and I became more aware of my health and wellness once I did this assignment.

What Creativity in context taught me

Throughout this course I learned the theory behind creativity as I practiced my thinking tools to become more creative, how to solve problems creatively and most of all, I explored and developed my own creative process. Entering this class I didn't think I had the ability to think outside of the box, but throughout this class I learned how to through these top 10 assignments. I cannot wait to see what Creativity in Action will be like!


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