Geo Games Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia or...Lithuania

How about we go watch the game limping row or baking a pot? Hang on. You probably don't know how to play the games. To know how to play these games, we have to go to one of the countries from former Soviet Union. Countries from the former Soviet Union are Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Lithuania, and Russia come together each year to host and play these geo games. You may wonder who will host the games this year. Countries like Lithuania and Russia are the best regions to host the games.

Lithuania Vilnius and where Lithuania is on a map.

The country that I think should host the geo games is Lithuania. It has a lot of advantages of hosting the geo games. The biggest advantage is that their country has the highest amount of freedom. Their index ranking is a 2 on the 1-7 ranking scale with 1 being the highest degree of freedom and 7 being the lowest degree of freedom. They have personal freedom and political rights similar to USA and can live peacefully unlike other countries. This will be good for foreigners who are visiting from other countries to watch the geo games. The other plus point is that the income level and GDP per Capita (average wealth of a country per person) of Lithuania is highest compared to the other countries above. Hence, their quality of life is better than other countries. Also they are 4% below poverty line.

The other interesting facts about Lithuania are:

  • Lithuania was the first member to break away from former Soviet Union.
  • It has great ethnic diversity with people of 154 nationalities living in the country.
  • Their national sport is basketball and their men's team ranks 3rd behind USA and Spain.
Lithuania's basketball team playing basketball.

Lithuania's biggest disadvantage is that their country has the highest amount of crimes reported. They have crimes 40.43 reported per 1000 people which is moderate, but has the highest number of crimes reported in the soviet union. People using or dealing drugs with drugs is 39.41. Property crimes such as vandalism and theft is 51.27. Violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery is 35.26. Corruption and bribery is 67.61 which is very high. Criminal elements typically exploit easy targets of opportunity and operate primarily in congested areas (on public transportation, at malls, and at tourist locations). Pickpocketing and thefts from coats, purses, and bags left unattended or on the backs of chairs at restaurants and cafes are the most common threat. I would think the country would take appropriate measures and beef up the security to provide a safe environment for the players and the visitors to the geo games.

Group of police officers standing on the road.

In conclusion I think my choice is the correct one because it has the best of the different national factors which are freedom, income level and GDP out of all the countries in the soviet union. So who is ready to go with me to see the geo games and have a wonderful time in Lithuania?

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