Venezuela BY Ava scarborough

My project is on what's it's like to be 15(ish) in Venezuela in my project I will give you information based on facts and also many connections that I have to 15 years olds in Venezuela
Venezuela is known to be a beautiful place but has tragic facts behind the lives of which people suffer
Bing 15 in Venezuela is difficult yet full of opportunities because they have a difficult path but have a bright future 
Challenge for most families in Venezuela is that some nights and days and struggle through paying for food
A main challenge for a 15 year old inVenezuela is that growing you must eat and for some of them they go without food for days struggling to survive on what money there parents make
Some cool things about Venezuela is how the people there are very kind hearted too all 
Venezuelan people believe that through out your life if you are kind and giving you will a long life of happiness, but in some cases that's not always true
Me and 15 year olds in Venezuela can connect on some things like I also do believe that going through life and being happy an a kind person that life will be better .
Being that they also revolve there life's around god , I don't exactly revolve my life around god but I still do believe in him and that in times of need he will be there.
Through the process of this project I have realized that people in Venezuela life's can compare to my life in America
15 year olds all around the world can compare to me in some way but after doing this project I'm realizing there is more to a person than what you see on the outside .
While going also going through this I've noticed that world wide people practice the same ethics and and business practices all over the world
Venezuela by. Ava R Scarborough


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