The winter storm TrueStory-AD.

The biggining of a scary cold adventure.

Cold icy roads

It started on the 3 hour trip to triple Play... It was cold, icy and the car on the road would not stay balanced. It took hours to get there every where we went triple how long it was, 3 hours to 6, 4 hours to 8, 2 hours to 4. The car slipped side to side as it raddled down the road.

Slippery roads can end up to death. That's what always frightened me.

Cars on ice is very dangerous

It was my dad, step mom, little sister, big brother, and me. Nobodywas buckled except my step mom and my little sister. I didn't see what was coming our way nobody did. Us kids in the back were watching a movie when I reached down to get some headphones. That's when it hit, nothing has ever been the same after that. We swerved to the right from ice on the road and it was freezing outsided. We hit the side of a fat railing on the side of the road it dented and we were on one wheel... I...I thought it was over...

But God our Jeasus Christ saved me, saved my family. That was the best thing I could ever ask for from my God and my Christianity and low for him has changed and grown so much stronger <3

It was hard thought the way back was cold we had to snuggle just to stay warm I was scared, everyone was, but we all new God... Our God now, saved us from the Winter Storm.!


• pictures I took in real life some from the winter storm- true story and some just from winter • pictures of my Lords cross in my town <3

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