ELA Final Presentation By: Sidney Fernandez

The Universal Theme

My universal theme is Friendship. The reason why I chose Friendship was because Of Mice and Men George and Lennie are friends, Franklin Gomez and Tularecito, and Elsa is friends with her garden.

Of Mice and Men

In the book George and Lennie take care of each other. George cares for Lennie and he helps him remember certain things to do when he gets into trouble. George took Lennie in because Lennie's aunt Clara died. Even though George says Lennie is dumb, George helps him get jobs by saying how he works hard and that Lennie is as strong as a bull. Only friends talk about how great your are to others but George was being supportive to help Lennie get a job. "No, he ani't, but he's sure a hell of a good worker. Strong as a bull."

George and Lennie


Franklin Gomez and Tularecito are friends and Gomez has a love for him. Gomez cared for Tularecito when he was little and Gomez made sure he went to school. Gomez showed his Friendship/Love by telling the judge that Tularecito is a good boy and he means no harm to anyone. He is just a little different but Gomez was willing to keep Tularecito as his own. He asked for custody of Tularecito. That on the last page. "Franklin Gomez told the board what he knew and asked custody of him."


The Chrysanthemums

The Friendship between Elisa and the Chrysanthemums is that she tends and cares for them. She treats her garden like they were here kids, she tends and loves them, just as she would if she had kids. She's very protective and proud of her plants. Just like she would be with her kids. The flowers represent Friendship by the joy the flowers give her and the honor she has for them when someone says something nice about them.


My example of Friendship

My example of Friendship is Dumbo and Timothy the Mouse. The reason why I chose it was because Timothy believed in Dumbo we he didn't. Timothy helped Dumbo by encouraging Dumbo he can fly. A friend is supposed to believe in you when you don't believe in yourself. Their the ones that help you get where you want to be and how you want to see yourself. They are supposed to be your biggest fan next to your mom. They are your ying to your yang.

Dumbo and Timothy


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