Cecilie Mauritzen Leader for work package "impact and legacy"

What is your specific role in the project?

My job is to make sure that the Nansen Legacy really makes a difference – to policy makers, to the scientific community, to industry, to the people at large.

Which scientific question do you hope to answer at the end of the project?

I hope that we will be able to answer the seemingly simple, but in reality the most complex questions – those that cross disciplines, such as “How can we manage the marine ecosystems so that they remain sustainable in the future despite all the natural and human pressures?”.

If you had to choose another discipline within the Nansen Legacy, which one would you choose?

My scientific discipline is physical oceanography, so I guess I would have chosen Research Foci 1 “Physical drivers”. I am endlessly fascinated by how to monitor the environment automatically and continually, so I would also have put a foot into the RA-technology-camp.

The Arctic, what fascinates you the most?

I’m fascinated by how unforgiving it is. You make one mistake and you are probably dead.

What is the first thing you think off when hearing the name, Fridtjof Nansen?

I think of a torn personality: amazing scientific insights, endless curiosity, a master of persuasion, yet very impatient and therefore a difficult leader.

Which book/film/music has made the largest impression on you lately?

I have turned into a tv-series&documentarie-junkie – Homeland, Vietnam, Damnation, Mindhunter… But more than anything, quietness is what appeals to me. Quietness and peace.

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