The He(art) of the Good Life Abby Solomon

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

The picture above cannot even come close to capturing the beauty of the painting. "Northeast Gorge at Appledore" by Childe Hassam is an impeccably gorgeous oil on canvas painting of an island off of Maine's coastline. Each single stroke of the brush was elaborately placed to create a certain depth and realism to the painting. When you see this painting in person, you can almost smell the sea, feel the breeze on your face, and hear the water flowing. It is astounding to me how much detail that the artist put into this work. A painting this intricate is as good as, if not better, than an actual photograph of a landscape.

Design of the Museum

The moment I entered the Asian Art Wing, I was blown away by the beauty of the room. It was unlike any other area in the entire museum. The entire room is extremely modern, with polished hardwood floors, walls, and ceilings. The first thing you see when you look into this room is the view. This room reminded me of something that you would see in a movie — a rich, modern house in the woods of California with an extraordinary view into nature. Almost the entire lighting of the room is done naturally by the sunlight that shines through the windows. A room that is lit with natural sunlight is much more aesthetically and atmospherically pleasing than one that is lit with even the nicest lamps. I could sit in this room for hours; I dream to one day own a house with a room as aesthetically pleasing as this one.

Art and Core Values

"Cemetery of the town of Huaitia de Jimenez, Mexico" by Sebastião Salgado struck a core value inside of myself the moment I looked at it. As someone who is very sentimental, emotional, and tends to think of existential topics like death a lot, this artwork immediately hit an emotional chord inside of me. It depicts a dreary, black & white image of a graveyard. However, in the middle of all of the graves sits a blissful dog. This piece resonates with me because it depicts that, despite all of the death and sadness that might occur in the world, there are still traces of innocence and purity if you look hard enough.

Art and the Good Life

As a woman who proudly identifies as a feminist, the Guerrilla Girls exhibit piqued my interest the moment I walked into it. The enlarged version of the graphic I am next to that states the statistic about female artists and the Metropolitan Museum spoke to me on a personal level. It is interesting to see how women are portrayed in the world of art in comparison to how female artists' works are displayed. The Guerrilla Girls exhibit emanates the theme of "Embodying" in such that women's bodies were sexualized and exposed more in art (thus the statistic of 76% nudes) as opposed to how female artists were represented. This movement about women in art museums may have happened thirty years ago, but the feminist movement stays strong and we are once again fighting for our bodies, just in a different manner.

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