The Globe Theater The globe theater included its history, the actors who had performed there, and the plays that were written and staged there.

The Globe Theater stage, The upper seating area, and The actors performing.

Thesis: The Globe theater included the history of how it was made and the uniqueness of it, the actors that performed, and the plays that were written and staged there.

The History of The Globe Theater

Quote #1: "Globe Theater , London playhouse, built in 1598, where most of Shakespeare's plays were first presented. It burned in 1613, was rebuilt in 1614, and was destroyed by the Puritans in 1644. A working replica opened in 1997."

Commentary: The Globe theater was the first theater that Shakespeare had performed his plays in. It was a big deal to him as well as to the actors, costume designers, and everyone who had participated and helped put the play on. The Globe theater had experienced change throughout it and had become very much respected for all the events that were held there.

Quote #2: "The Globe was round or polygonal on the outside and probably round on the inside. The theater may have held as many as 3,000 spectators. Its stage occupied the open-air space, with a pit in front for standing viewers. The stage was surrounded by several levels of seating."

Commentary: The globe theater was a great deal. It had a very unique kind of structure, plays were performed in the afternoon and that was good because the theater had an open air-space which meant there was kind of like a hole in at the top of the theater for the light to come in and shine on the actors therefore not needing a stage light. The Globe theater was very unique and the plays there were just as unique.

Quote #3: "The original theatre was built in 1599 by Cuthbert Burbage. It was burned down after a cannon, fired during a performance of Henry VIII, set light to the thatch. The site was rediscovered in October 1989 near the remains of the contemporaneous Rose Theatre . The new Globe Theatre opened to the public with a performance of Shakespeare's The Two Gentlemen of Verona, the first stage production to be held on the site of the Elizabethan theatre in more than 380 years. The campaign to rebuild the theatre was begun by US film director Sam Wanamaker (1919-1993), who established the Globe Playhouse Trust site in 1949, just 183 m/200 yds from the first Globe site. A decades-long battle for funds followed, resolved finally by a British National Lottery grant."

Commentary: The Globe Theater has a great back round of being rebuilt and renevated over and over again the theater had gone through a lot. Though the theater, that was just built in 1994 is not the original Globe Theate,r it is just a few yrds away from it. And still holds great value to the American past and the theater arts.

Quote #4: "The Stage was "set" by the Language. A whole forest scene was created in one play when a character announced, "Well, this is the Forrest of Arden." ... We can see that this stage, with its few sets and many acting areas-Forestage, inner stage, upper stage-made for a theater of great fluidity."

Commentary: The Globe theater had held many many people while the actors had performed on the stage. The actors didn't really have much to perform with but that was okay because all they had to say was the name of where they were next or where the next scene would take place. The actors and the audience would use their imagination along with a few props to tell and whole story, whether the story be romantic, a tragedy, or a comedy. This shows just one other amazing aspect of the Globe Theater.

Actors History

Quote #5: "...The actors would erect a temporary platform stage at one end of the yard and play to an audience that stood around or sat in the tiers of balconies that surrounded the courtyard."

Commentary: When the actors couldn't act in any other places, James Burbage's theater, the first permanent theater in England was the place to go. There they were allowed to perform their own kinds of acts and they were able to have their own stages with their ow audiences.

Quote #6: "It is a commonplace of Renaissance drama to suggest a relationship between life and the stage, people going about their lives and actors performing their parts."

Commentary: Actors have probably the hardest part in a play. While the audience is sitting down and watching every move the actor makes, the actors have to go on stage perform the best they can and make the play look as real as possible. To do this, they have to practice long and hard and they have to study their role over and over again. The Director gives them their role and from there they must put on a show, making every part count. In the Globe theater, Actors would practice their roles until the play started, and sometimes practiced afterward for the next play the next day. The actors were determined to make the play as real and as perfect as possible. Dedicated, actors had much dedication for what they were doing, they also loved it no matter how hard it could have gotten. They excepted the challenge.

Quote #7: "In one interesting aspect the theater in Shakespeare's day was very very different from the theater we know today. Plays were originally performed by the all-male medieval trade guilds, so all women's parts were played by boys."

Commentary: This is a very interesting fact about the Globe theater and the actors that had performed in it. This shows dedication in my opinion, showing that gender wasn't going to stop the actors from what they were doing. This shows that they loved what they were doing and they were okay with playing the role of a women. All the more showing how unique the Globe theater was.

Plays that were Written and Staged at The Globe Theater

Quote #8: "Hamlet is a five-act tragedy by the English dramatist William Shakespeare. Its full title is Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. It is included among Shakespeare's mature tragedies, written during the third period of his artistic development. Experts believe that Shakespeare wrote the first version of Hamlet between 1599 and 1601. The full version did not appear until 1623. With the other tragedies King Lear, Macbeth, and Othello, Hamlet stands out among Shakespeare's finest work and is regarded by many as his greatest play and one of the world's great dramas."

Commentary: Another great tragedy act written by William Shakespeare was Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. In the play, the antagonist, named Claudius is described as a cruel, lustful king who had killed Hamlets father and is now out to kill Hamlet as well. Hamlet wants revenge from Claudius because he knows that he had killed his father. Shakespeare did a great job putting this play together and finding the actor for Hamlet. The role of Hamlet, in particular, is considered to be one of the theater's greatest acting challenges, and for the actor to pull off the role of Hamlet as well Shakespeare to pull off the drama and the intensity of the play is outstanding and well respected. Hamlet along with many other tragedy and romance acts written by William Shakespeare was performed in the great Globe theater that had held much respect. The performance of hamlet at the Globe theater had furthered the respect for theater.

Quote #9: "Henry V is a five-act historical play by the English dramatist William Shakespeare. It's full title is King Henry V . It was written and performed in 1599, possibly the first Shakespeare play staged at the Globe Theater, owned by Shakespeare and his acting company, in the Southwark borough of London."

Commentary: Shakespeare was a great writer who had thought in many different ways and had created many different kinds of plays that included; comedies, love stories, tragedies, and any others. One of Shakespeare's first plays in the Globe Theater was Henry the V.

Quote #10: "Richard II is a five-act history play by the English dramatist William Shakespeare. Its full title is The Life and Death of King Richard II. It was probably written in 1595 and belongs to the second period of Shakespeare's development as a playwright. It was first published in 1597."

Commentary: Richard ii was another play written by the amazing dramatist William Shakespeare. Richard ii was a play just one other amazing play written by Shakespeare. In Shakespeare's play Richard ii, Shakespeare explored for the first time the idea that a person's character can determine his fate. King Richard the II was a selfish and weak King and was imprisoned by Bolingbroke or in other words Henry the IV and then assassinated by Sir Pierce of Exton, who was one of King Henry the IV's knights.

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The globe theater stage, the passage way, and outside of the theater.


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