MARDI GRAS Thomas Hanlon, tre nix, diavionne smith, jessica ross, emma scott

The first Mardi Gras was held on March 2nd, 1703
Mardi Gras is always held the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday
Mardi Gras is also known as Pancake Day
Mardi Gras brought bounds of culture and tourism to New Orleans. On top of New Orleans already being one of the countries top trading ports, Mardi Gras put New Orleans on the map for more than just business and more towards pleasure
Mardi Gras came to North America from Paris and was celebrated since the middle ages in different forms
Over time, Mardi Gras grew to huge proportions and developed several traditions such as bead throwing, mask wearing, and coconut painting
Mardi Gras became a legal holiday in Louisiana in 1875 and was once a Christian holiday with roots in Rome. This laid the foundation for Mardi Gras to exist for ages to come and be celebrated for generations.


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