Spectacular Speculoos Christmas Log Cake by viv

Our Cake

biscuit au chocolat |bis-kwee oh sho-koh-lah | - a French sponge cake that uses not just whole eggs, but whites as well, making it particularly tender and moist

to make it more pliable, we use less flour, and complemented it with almond flour

Our Filling

hazelnut chantilly cream with toasted hazelnut praline, hand-chopped, for a subtle, toothsome crunch

Our Frosting

73% dark chocolate ganache, with no sugar added

Our Decoration

speculoos Belgian spice cookies + candied hazelnut crumble + chocolate calligraphy

snowflake speculoos filled with a blend of six spices

On Both Sides of Our Log

dentelle au chocolat | don-tel oh sho-ko-lah | - pressed chocolate lace of chopped roasted hazelnuts with butter caramel

Tidings for the Season

choose any of these four words to grace your cake



Our Bûche de Noël

our Christmas log is slim, so that each slice is not just delectable, but elegant on the plate — not too little, definitely not too much; and whoever gets the two end slices gets the best and crunchiest treat from Santa!



inches | 500g | 8 to 10 slices



~ five-day pre-order ~

available from Dec 7th to Dec 29th


this cake contains dairy, eggs, gluten, hazelnuts and almonds

keeps well, refrigerated, in its box for 3 days


delivery available


11 toh tuck road . 596290

~ Related Story ~

"But I’m a difficult person. If life offered me the choice of working on a damn delicious cake versus an easy-to-make, but not-as-yummy cake, I’d always go for delicious."

* * *

vivienne yeo is a baker, a home cook, and a writing teacher with a weakness for pots and pans, and a soft spot for cookbooks, fine cutlery, and cool crockery


copyright © 2018 vivienne yeo | spectacular speculoos christmas log cake by viv, photos by viv

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