Let's get Pampered! by Holli Johnson


Hello there! I am Holli Johnson, founder of Pampered Radiance! I am a mom to two kids and two dogs and a wife to a hard working man! I love and adore what I do selling eyeglasses and doing hair on the side, but amidst being super busy with two kiddos and working two jobs, I stumbled upon Perfectly Posh. I have fallen in love with it and it has exploded my love for self care and pampering even more. I am currently a Premier team leader of Skin Care Squad, in the top 1% of the entire company!

I love everything pampering related but am extremely partial to the BFF face wash and the Buzz Peel.

My Mission:

To pamper women of any age to restart their self-care and self-love train they may have derailed since having kids, to get them back in the saddle of taking care of themselves first, having confidence, and enjoying being in their own skin!

What has Posh done for me?

  • It continuously gives me self-confidence.
  • It helps my problematic hormonal acne.
  • Pays for extras and all of our Utility bills of our new home.
  • Allows me to empower other women by teaching and educating them on skin care.
  • Teaches my children the value of themselves. That they are worth it to live a happy life and can do anything they want to do!

Thanks for being here! I hope you decide to stick around, take advantage of some much needed pampering, or decide to take on your own business and join me on our mission influencing women to better their self-care.

Perfectly Posh was founded in 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah. All products are globally sourced and proud to be made in the USA. We have many vegan options and all of our ingredients are located on our website. Click 'TAKE ME SHOPPING' to find out more info on what we use or don't use and WHY! And if you have any ?'s -don't hesitate to reach out. My info is at the bottom!

Our products are made with the best ingredients because you deserve knowing what's in the products you are using and why it's good for you!

Skin Care Info

Skin care is my number one reason for joining posh. The difference I felt from using the BFF face wash and the Moisturize 911 changed the way I do things. The past 5 years have been a saving grace for me and my family's skin. So whether it be anti-aging, oily or teenage acne - there is something for everyone. Come check out my behind the scenes footage of what I recommend for what skin concerns you may be dealing with.

What's CBD?

An overview of one of my new favorite products that has become a game changer for me. Come take a peek and see if it's right for you!

I go in depth of what it is, why its available, what to look for when buying a CBD oil to know exactly what you are getting.

Become your own Business Owner

I never imagined in a million years that I would have ever joined a direct sales company and become "one of those people." But I guess we can always be wrong and join. BUT in doing so- I had to make a cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye pinky promise to myself to NOT become one of the spammy- in your face, constantly begging and pleading kind of consultant.

And since that day 5 years ago- I have stuck to it. I have learned a few tricks along the ways that I wish I would have done differently- but now that's how I train my new teammates to do things the right way from the get go using tools that actually work.

Here's a FAQ sheet on information you may be wondering about to start your own business/boutique/shop/influencer/blogger whatever you want it to be!


xo holli johnson

(435) 760-8456 - poshbyholli@gmail.com


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