How I Met Your Mother 101 By Piper wright


Ted Mosby
  • Josh Radnor also known as Ted Mosby
  • Age- twenty-seven into early thirties (as the show goes on throughout all the seasons)
  • Occupation- Professor of Architecture/ Designer of the GNB Bank building in New York City
  • Hobbies- Hanging out at McLarrens, Renaissance festivals, finding the "love of his life"
  • "Puke free since 93'" (teds common quote about drinking)
Barney Stinson (He is always wearing a suit)
  • Neil Patrick Harris also known as Barney Stinson
  • Occupation- P.L.E.A.S.E. at GNB bank (stands for... Provides Legal Exculpation and Sign Everything)
  • Hobbies- Single, loves picking up girls, gambling, drinking, strip clubs, and always wears suits
  • Common quotes- "Challenge excepted," "Legendary," "Daddy's home," "Suit up"
Lily Aldrin
  • Alyson Hannigan also known as Lily Aldrin
  • Occupation- Kindgarden school teacher
  • Hobbies- Married to Marshall, has two children later in the series, loves clothing and shoes, went to college with Ted and Marshall
  • Common Quote- "You son of a B****" (with a British accent)
Marshall Eriksen in his element
  • Jason Segel also known as Marshall Eriksen
  • Occupation- Lawyer at GNB Bank and later becomes a Judge
  • Hobbies- Married to Lily, Teds Best Friend, Has dancers hip, loves Minnesota
  • Common quote- "Happy Slapsgiving ,Everybody"
Robin Scherbatsky
  • Colbie Smulders also known as Robin Sherbatsky
  • Occupation- News Anchor on World Wide News
  • Hobbies- Canadian, has a drink named after her at "The" bar, smoking cigars, and shooting guns
  • Common quotes- "God dammit, Patrice"
  • How I Met Your Mother fun facts
  • Ted, Marshall, and Lily's characters are based on real people
  • 208 episodes
  • 9 seasons
  • Each episode is 22 minutes long
  • First episode aired- September 19, 2005
  • Last episode aired- March 31, 2014
  • At the end of each episode, Barney shows a "bro-code" message


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