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Airloft and was is it airsoft is a military simulation sport there are 6mm BB's for airsoft guns, but they have been known to break inside the guns and ruin them. Here are some of the games that you can play in airsoft; Capture the Flag, VIP, Search and Destroy Unlike paintball. There are some costume game that you can play. BB's do not splatter when they hit, and there is no mark showing that the BB hit. This means the game relies heavily on the honors system for everybody to call their hits if they don't call there hits don't argue with them and if you and the opponent shoot each other at the same time talk that you and him will be both out don't make it worst if it gets worst get a ref. If there is fight about to happen or there is one siege fire is when you don't shoot anymore and don't get into the fight back off a little until the ref handles it the every should go back to the setup area or they will carry on with the game or they will take the people and ask them to leave.

First time playing airsoft short story by Logan

I felt the sound of the pellets hitting the the wood by my leg. Someone was hunting me, but in this game you are always being targeted. Suddenly, I felt the sting as a pellet found its’ mark. I felt a pain where it had struck. Even though I had been shot, I knew I had found a sport that I would enjoy for many years to come.

Airsoft is a military simulation with real life guns the shoots 6mm rounds, BB’s made of hardened plastic. We played the match at Foxhole Airsoft and Paintball in Junction City, KS. The area of land we fought on was about the size of a football field and a half. It had a lot of obstacles on it for the airsoft teams to hide behind. Obstacles were formed from junk cars, bunkers and trees. There were about 12 people on each side, and our game was capture the flag.

In Capture the flag that you have to grab the other team's flag and take back to you started/spawn area. I was sneaking around and then I can see the other team flag as I was about to grab flag and then I saw grenades thrown into the hallway I tried to get away the went off and hit me all in the back and as they hit me I looked down and then I noticed that there was a barricade under me as I fell then the game came to an end. Then we all went to the setup area to refill for the next game. Our next was capture and deffend. Capture and deffend is when you go out and capture what the other team and take it for a amoutn of time when that time is up your team wins. when everyone was ready we went out to the battlefeid.

As the time past we were pined down behined the bunker we are defending form the team until they push up to the bunker. As the same guy that threw the grenades come form the other side Nick and I had to shoot out of the bunker so I wouldn't get hit by the speeding pellets. As I looked back, the other team and they had taken the bunker from our team. The match over but I allways know that I will that I will love to come back and play with the same people or with some new if they will come out and have fun.


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