Canbury School Newsletter 1st October 2021. ISSUE 245

Dear Families, Friends, Students and Staff

First and foremost I would like to thank all the Canbury staff who worked hard to organise and present our School to prospective students and parents, last Saturday, and to all the students who acted as tour guides. We have received many compliments about your courtesy, warmth and knowledge of the School and we are most appreciative of the time you gave up to make the event such a success.

We also welcomed prospective new students to the Senior Welcome Morning on Wednesday, when they sampled some lessons and met current students. The first day in a new setting is always daunting and it was heart-warming to see many of them relax and participate as the morning went on. Thank you particularly to our Head Girl, Otti, and Head Boy, Harry A., for all their help.

This week, I accepted an invitation from Mr Wallbank to accompany the ten-pin bowlers on their weekly outing. I was in some trepidation that my bowling skills might be lacking but, luckily, my role was more of an observer and I was able to pick up some tips from Alex B. who was generous enough to share his knowledge with others. I am always slightly amazed that the adage, ‘You learn something new every day’ holds true, but it is absolutely the case that, if you are interested in the world around you, you do continue to learn throughout your life.

This was the theme of this week’s assembly: the power and pleasure of learning - even though it requires effort. We considered the instant gratification of a ‘magic fix’ and contrasted that with the long-term benefits of mastering something difficult. One reason why learning has a positive impact on our mental well-being is that it is about setting goals or targets and achieving these. Completing a project is a satisfying way to gain this feeling of accomplishment - and that is a kind of magic in itself.

Before signing off this week, I wanted to ask for parental help with the issue of congestion outside the school gates, particularly at pick-up time. Please could we ask that cars are parked a little further down Warboys Avenue and not on the yellow line. Staff can help by walking students to you, if that is helpful. We are also working with the taxi drivers to ensure that we do not cause a safety issue with cars unable to turn off Kingston Hill.

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend and perhaps even learn something new!

Ms Yates.


Students of the week

Year 7

Evan, Rory, Francesca, Bethany and Lloyd for showing consideration when making decisions together in the group with Ms Chorazyczewska.

Fabulous conversations in Spanish during our Open Morning on Saturday. Senora Porter said she was so impressed with your confidence in front of our visitors.

Francesca, Rory, Bethany, Lloyd and Evan for their excellent stem and leaf diagrams in Maths this week.

Year 8

The whole class for excellent effort in their History lesson this week.

Reenie, Sam S, Brendan and William for embracing a challenging task in a Wellbeing lesson this week. Well done!

Year 9

Excellent effort from Manuel who conducted a spontaneous conversation in Spanish with Senora Porter and with no notes in front of the Open Morning visitors. Very impressive!

Excellent film reviews written in Spanish by Karim aka Juan, Thomas aka Manuel, Chloe aka Victoria, Ollie aka Raul and Freddie aka Carlos.

Karim for managing a 50 shot rally in table tennis club on Wednesday. Way to go Karim!

Year 11

Otti for achieving full marks in a History test on the Reichstag fire.

Ain, Alannah and Phoebe for each achieving a winning streak of 25 correct questions on the Laws of Indices on Dr Frost Maths.

All the Higher IGCSE students for their excellent understanding of solving quadratic equations by completing the square, which is a grade 9 IGCSE concept.

Phoebe for creating a superb Travel and Tourism brochure on Paris.

Year 12

Seb and Rhian for the consistent hard work they are putting into their assignments in BTEC Sport.

Sport round-up

It’s been an action packed week in the PE and Games department. Year 7s covered shooting in their basketball lesson, whilst in spite of the wind and rain, the remainder of students were outside dodging, ducking and diving in dodgeball. At Thames Young Mariners some KS3 students had an opportunity to practise their team work on the group paddle board, and in KS4/5 Victor finally agreed to get into a single kayak (with a little persuasion from Mr Huw)!

For Sports Enrichment, Table Tennis Club was well attended on Wednesday night and the students couldn’t wait to head off to ten pin bowling with Mr Wallbank on Thursday.

Young Writers national poetry competition - Canbury students get to work.

In KS3 English the students have been busy entering a national poetry competition. The theme is "Empowered". Here we share a few entries.

We are equal - Logan, Y7.

We are equal

So don't be evil

You are how strong you want to be

You are not alone, it is we

In high

Don’t lie

You don’t need to go far

You need us, not war

You are not a monkey

You are a key

So change when you want to

Be you

Don’t be scared

It is not hard

Be careful

Don’t fall

Earth we should treat it nicely - Ethan, Year 8.

Earth we should treat it nicely

North of the equator

Volcanoes erupting

Irresponsible people

Recycling waste

Oasis water

Nature green

Mature to help

Embrace nature

Nile river

Terrain keep it alive

The World-Haiku - Sam S, Year 8

The wild is burning

Our world continues turning,

But the ice still melts.

The World-Narrative - Sam S, Year 8.

As the world grows old,

The fires get worse

As we get older,

Our ice is less,

As the air gets warmer,

Our world is destroyed.

Family is the one thing you need in life - Lloyd, Year 7.

Family is the one thing you need in life

And without family life is difficult, brothers and sisters need each other

Make the most of life

I struggle and I have fun

Living life is hard but just remember the best times

You need to enjoy times in the summer sun.

Climate Change - Bethany, Year 7.

Climate change is real,

We are running out of time to heal.

We have increased the extinction rate,

by 1000 times the normal fate.

Deforestation, Extinction, pollution,

And we still have no solution.

8 million pieces of plastic in the sea,

Each day, You can't Disagree.

Up to 150 species are lost each day,

This can't be the way.

Each second a football field of trees are lost,

The world is suffocating at this cost.

The hole of the ozone layer is on the rise,

8.8 thousand square miles already the size!

Listen to us children we know what to do,

Open your eyes and see this real view.

If we want to change it takes all of us,

Yes you reading this too, without a fuss.

We are at the point of no return,


House awards and News

Lloyd - Blue star 15hps.

Bethany - Green star 30hps, Purple star 45hps and Bronze 60hps.

Rory - Blue star 15hps, Green star 30hps and Purple star 45hps.

Francesca - Blue star 15hps and Green star 30hps.

The Spaghetti and Marshmallow House Challenge got our house events off to a flying start this week. If you want more House Points (like Mr Barnett, below, who came first in the genes for jeans quiz and is NOT competitive) then sign up for the House events! Keep a look-out on the House board for the next event.
Mr Barnett - no he's not smug at all......

Charity News

Very well done to Charity Prefect Hannah in Year 10 who organised a brilliant "Jeans for Genes" day last Friday. Hannah's tremendous efforts raised £120 for this cause. Our next charity day is Friday 12th November, when we will be raising money for BBC Children In Need. Details to follow.

Open Morning - How happy were we all to be in school on a Saturday?!

Canbury Open Morning proved a very successful event on Saturday. We had lots of very inquisitive, friendly visitors and our students (and staff) were wonderful ambassadors for our school. Thank you everyone.


We've had an approach from Lorna Fisher, who is offering 45-minute online teen yoga classes at 5.30pm on Thursdays. Sessions are either £10 drop in or £8 with a block booking. Lorna can be contacted for further details via: www.lornafisheryoga.co.uk

And if you prefer yoga in person, then Ms Chorazyczewska is the one for you - and it's free! KS3 yoga is on Monday at lunchtime and KS4/5 can go along on Thursday at lunchtime. If you wish to join pop along to the Wellbeing Hub to find out more.

Issy's finished puzzle, which contains an inspirational message from American abolitionist and political activist, Harriet Tubman. Born into slavery around 1820/22, Harriet escaped and subsequently made some 13 missions to rescue approximately 70 enslaved people, using the network of antislavery activists and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad.

Mrs Rich and Ms Chorazyczewska say it's been truly lovely to see so many students making good use of the Wellbeing Hub this week. Mrs Rich has said she will have a new puzzle on the go next week, as Issy finished this week's one! Remember if you want a quiet space to chat or relax at break or lunch please do come along and use the space.

Ms Chorazyczewska's calendar of kindness. How many will you tick off this month? 
Ned's had a tough day in school today. It's exhausting doing his job. Great photo by Alannah.

And finally....

Sign Language is a visual means of communicating using gestures, facial expression and body language. It is primarily used by people who are deaf or have hearing impairments. British Sign is offering a brilliant online course that will introduce you to this fascinating language, from finger spelling to hundreds of basic words. Learning BSL is rewarding, as well as a brilliant skill to put on your CV. Once you have an account, you can expand your knowledge with sign of the day and test your skills with fun arcade games. Sign up for as little as £3: https://www.british-sign.co.uk/shop