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This area is overflowing with Native American history. To have the opportunity to experience the work of ancient builders first hand was extremely impactful.

Photos and sketches from our travels.

No image or sketch can fully capture the full feeling of any of these places; but spending the time to draw while there further solidifies each memory, and helped us look more deeply.

The Landscape

Being immersed in this landscape was constantly awe inspiring. Time seems to move differently here and there is a special silence that can be found.

More photos and sketches from our travels.
The Campus

What a place to call home. The contributions of past students were felt in every space we inhabited. I feel blessed to have experienced this place first hand. Thank you Yamamoto family. I will always consider you cherished friends.

The Build

Using our hands to build a home for the Dee family was humbling and enriching. Architecture is useless without the souls that inhabit it. I am honored to know and to have had the opportunity to help that special family have a place to call their own.

Photos by Sam Lieske, Venisse Sitjar, Janie Lundgreen, and Angelica Fierro