How to Live how to not die

A quick tutorial on how to not die and how to live featuring pictures of life.

dead life

The first step on how to not die is to live. "But Josh, how do you live?" you may be asking yourself. Well, that's an easy one. All you have to do is do what you normally do, because if you weren't doing that you wouldn't be alive.

The next step to not die and to live is to eat food. Food = living more. If you don't eat food you will die and not live.

here we see people living

The next step on how to live is to do fun stuff and not dangerous stuff. One thing you can do is radio calisthenics because you have to be alive to do that and thus you qualify.

The next step is to drink water because if you don't drink water you won't live.

not water, avoid

The most important step is to not die. not dying is easy yet complex. not dying consists of:


-not dying

and that's about it. To not die don't be dumb.

here we see life in many forms, including bugs and flora.




life maybe I don't actually know what this picture is

made by someone who is alive

And that's it, sorry to disappoint.


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