the lonely island no friends required

my utopia is only me on a distant island away from everything, but this island has everything on it food houses and a training grounds. and lots of food, doesn't matter what.

essentials: clothes( are not necessary), there is internet so you should take a phone laptop and some games, everything is pretty much on the island so you don't really need to take anything with you, every week or so a ship comes with loads of food to make sure your fridges are full, and shampoo and essential things for hygiene .

my utopia would have books on many different martial arts, it would also have all the necessary equipment to train daily and become better.

i choose the Bahamas because it is always sunny and i hate being cold. i also enjoy swimming and there is water everywhere in the Bahamas. i choose to live alone so there's no one else to look after and i can just relax no drama nothing.


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