I see America Laughing

I see America laughing, their chuckles I hear

that of children, as they play with joy

the parents laugh as they watch their family

the teenagers laugh as they spend time with friends

the teachers laugh as they listen to the students jokes, the students laugh as they learn

the college kids laugh as they party, pals by their side

the couples laough, enjoying a fine dinner

the festive laugh of the grandparents, or the aunts, or the uncles

each laugh at what pleases their heart

laughing with wide smiles and their harmonious tune


Created with images by red line highway - "laugh" • JasonDGreat - "Laughing Buddha" • katie.thomas0214 - "Laughing Toddler" • White77 - "family holiday people" • Chey Teodózio - "Family" • US Department of Education - "_PR10255" • Jon Shave - "Party" • sasint - "adult amorous asia" • patrickwoodward - "Grandparents" • LaurenDaveyx - "Laughing" • Alexas_Fotos - "smilies t yellow"

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