Happy New Year! from Missionary Jana Inglehart

You crown the year with your bounty; your wagon tracks overflow with abundance. Psalm 65:11 (ESV)

Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your love, your support and your prayers for me, and for the work you sent me here to do on your behalf. Thanks be to God that much was accomplished this year, by our team here in Latin America. As you know my role is to support and facilitate the work of our missionaries, share stories and photos of the work in Latin America, while reaching out with the Gospel at every opportunity.

Pro-Family, Pro-Life

Since moving to the Dominican Republic nearly two years ago, I have found that there is much to love about this country. The people are wonderfully friendly, patient and helpful, beaches are spectacular, and mountains are beautiful, if not snow covered. For me the very best thing about being here is the unabashedly pro-family, pro-life stance of the people. Families tend to spend substantial time together on a daily basis. Sundays and holidays are a time of extended families coming together to enjoy food, drink and conversation.

I recently heard a missionary tell of a young man who was moving across town. His mother said to him, "Your (church) family is here!" She insisted that if he were going to move that far away, that he would honor his family, by making the trip across town to be present with them to worship every Sunday. Though this took pace in another Latin American country, the mind-set in the Dominican Republic is much the same. The importance of family cannot be over stated.

Dominicans very much love and care for their children.

In a recent survey, Pew Research found some 91% of Dominicans were pro-life. This stance is common in Latin America, with several countries maintaining a complete and total ban on the killing of unborn children.

Click the button below for info on a recent pro-life rally in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The Big Mission Event - Norfolk, NE

In November I was given the opportunity to speak to mission supporters from around northeast Nebraska at the Big Mission Event in Norfolk, NE. It was an event I had attended several times in the past, but this was the first time I had the opportunity to tell about the mission work going on in Latin America. What a joy it was to be able to reconnect with long time friends and supporters from around the region!

A portion of the proceeds from this event was given for my support. Thank you to the Servants of the Savior group from Christ Lutheran Church, Gary Thies, and everyone who worked to make this a fun and successful event.

A Bold Witness

Looking down on the valley from my living room window, a cross is visible from several miles away. The center point of the local botanical garden is a massive sculpture of the crucified Christ. The Savior is reaching down with one hand saying, "Come unto me". What a peaceful place it is, and what a wonderfully bold witness! With the surrounding bridges, scenic walkways, and flowering plants, this garden has become my favorite place to walk.

It is also a great place to meet and visit with Dominicans. Wednesday, while walking with a fellow missionary, we met a young man who wanted to practice his English. After visiting, sharing the Gospel and inviting him to church, we left him with a bookmark I had made, with church contact info and a Bible verse. I am praying we connect with him again, maybe Sunday!

The Best Moments of the Past Year

Some of this year's biggest missionary moments for me were, and I will limit it to the three that had the biggest impact on me. Oops! Make that five:

  1. The dedication of new church in Kingston, Jamaica; and Ponce, Puerto Rico
  2. Meeting and visiting with dozens of pastors from across Latin America at the first theological symposium at our new seminary
  3. Traveling to Guatemala to assist victims of the eruption of Mt. Fuego
  4. Designing and building a website for the Dominican Lutheran Church. This site includes all of our churches and schools, the mercy center, seminary, and the group home.
  5. Spending a very memorable Christmas here in the Dominican Republic with my fellow missionaries.

Please Pray

  • For our seminary, that many students would enroll for the coming school year
  • For our seminary professors, as they all serve one or more congregations in addition to teaching at the seminary. Specifically they are in need of energy, perseverance and the ability to make time for rest and family.
  • Giving thanks for For the Latin American people for their strong desire to protect life, particularly the lives of unborn children.
  • Giving thanks that the Lord of the Harvest is providing faithful pastors and church workers to spread the Gospel, plant Lutheran Churches, and show mercy to those in need.

From late March to early May, I will be reconnecting with supporting congregations, groups and individuals. Please contact me. I would love to visit about the work being done in the Latin American - Caribbean Region.

To support the Work of Jana Inglehart send your tax-deductible gift to: The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod P.O. Box 66861 St. Louis, MO 63166 Make checks payable to The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Mark checks “Support of Jana Inglehart.”, Or Mail to: Mission Central 40718 Highway E16 Mapleton, IA 51034-7105

May God bless each and every one of you as we enter this brand new year.

Happy New Year!

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