Christopher Boone Pure mathematics, in it's way, is the poetry of logic

About Me

Hello my name is Christopher Francis Boone and I am 15 years old and I live in a small town called Swindon, England. I live with my Father, Ed Boone, but not my Mother, Judy Boone, because she left my Father and I a few years back for Mr. Shears. I am very easy to understand because I only use logic and things that make sense to me. I only like certain things such as math and I also dislike certain things such as the colors yellow and brown, being touched, and being made fun of to name a few. I'm usually calm but if someone gets me angry I am horrible.

My Favorite Song

Blog Entry

After finding out that Mother divorced Father and left to London with Mr. Shears I've been on a mission to find her new home. This is her address 312 Lausanne Road London N8. Tomorrow I am going to walk to the train station by myself with Toby.

When I started my journey to the station I was quite scared because I have never been this far from home alone before. I wanted to lie down and moan but I didn't. After a bit of walking I got lost so I asked a women who had 2 children with her where I could buy a map. When I told her why I needed the map she just told me where to find the station. I got lost again so I only took lefts and eventually I found the station.

I walked in and went down a tunnel that went over the railroad. I had no clue where I could buy a ticket or how to buy a ticket for that matter! So I just sat down in the food court and just tried to calm myself down.

Things I Like

  • Mathematics
  • strawberry milkshakes
  • Space
  • Books
  • Mysteries
  • Maps

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