Technology & Me An Educational Autobiography

I define technology as a piece of equipment or material that advances the users capability to achieve a certain goal or objective. I define it this way because many objects throughout my educational career have been branched under this particular term. From computers and calculators to game stations and cell phones, I have grown up in a society that has been constantly increasing the level integration of technology into all aspects of our lives.

From computers and calculators to game stations and cell phones, I have grown up in a society constantly integrating new technologies.

Elementary school had introduced new interactive learning experiences (like Oregon Trail), that were able to bring students to another world and helped them learn how to read, create and analyze strategies, memorize patterns, and create goals.

Middle School proved to be different, a little more dull. Typing tests and experimenting with software such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel filled most of the computer time my 6th-8th grade years.

Objects like clickers for online class participation, print out dimensional objects for math concepts, protractors, TI-82's, world maps, smart boards, and etc. we're being used once I arrived in high school. Smart Boards were huge, as they allowed everyone to participate and learn together.

"Each one impacted our experience in different ways."
One particular experience I remember having a large impact on the entire classroom, was when my Ethics and Leadership class was able to watch the 2nd presidential debate and discuss what occurred together. The integration of this technology made this experience possible.

Technology Should Be integrated more in education and provided as a tool for all to use!

Using technology to help engage the student in the learning process and encouraging its usage for class participation would be beneficial to both students and educators. It could help those with different learning approaches and used for unique programs that give experiences to people who may never be able to have them otherwise.


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