Trench Warfare Trevor Rettew

gas mask

Sarah Sutherland Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

Gas masks were used in the trenches so that the men would not get gas in their lungs. it was bad to have gas in your lungs because it is not good to inhale the gas. they would use the gas on the enemies and needed the masks to be able to breath fresh air.


bayonet training United States Defense Visual Information Center public domain

The Bayonet was used to fight enemies. It was only used if the enemy got in range to touch them. It was used on the end of the gun so that it gave the men more distance from the other person.


Binoculars Broken Sphere Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

these where used to see far away. they used it to see where the trenches were so they could get closer. It helped make objects that are farther away appear closer


Plane USAF public domain in the United States

A plane was used to see where the trenches were. They were also used so they could get the troops in locations where they couldn't march. They also used the planes so they could get the wounded out of areas really fast.

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