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What are Panic Disorders

Recurring, unexpected periods of intense fear that may include sweating, shaking, numbness, shortness of breath and anxiety that something bad is about to happen.

Cause of panic disorder

Panic disorder differs from normal fear and anxiety. Panic disorders are a serious condition that strikes without reason or warning. These may be caused by being anxious or nervous before or after an event. Built up stress may also cause panic attacks which lead to the disorder if left untreated.


  • Sudden attacks of fear and nervousness
  • Sweating and a racing heart
  • Inability to catch a breath


Having anxiety being one of the causes of panic disorder, certain antidepressants can help reduce the frequency and severity of panic attacks, but are not used for immediate relief. After an attack, the best thing to do is for one to take a deep breathe and drink water to calm down and recover.


You may live with panic disorders. They are not harmful to the point where you may die from one although it may feel like you while having one. Panic disorders do not have the severity to end a life. Medication and therapy may lessen the occurrence of them but overall panic disorders are something to just live with.

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