1930s By Cam ewing and mason arnold

Franklin D Roosevelt. Was the president during the Great Depression. He created the New Deal which helped people during the Great Depression that were suffering

This image shows how a woman’s face looked before the great depression. She looks happy on one side and sad on the other. The side with the dirtier face shows what she looks like during the great depression.
This picture shows 2 men who didn’t have jobs and wrote on a sign that said why they needed a job and on the sign are talking about who there are and what there experience is.
This shows a man who almost gone mad because he didn’t have a job. He begged for jobs, and he would break into house that were unoccupied just for shelter.
This shows all the bank failures throughout the Great Depression, and the most bank failures were in 1933. This graph really shows what impact the Great Depression had on US Banks.
This map is a map of the Great Depression from 1929-1939 with percentage of labor forces unemployed. Green = More than 25%, Blue = 18-24%, Yellow = Less than 18%
This is a picture of a soup kitchen during the 1930s. These were put up to help the unemployed people be able to get food to eat for that day because they did not have money to pay for their own.
This the iconic photo during the Great Depression of a mom raising 4 children all by her self with little to no food and money. Their "house" is a bunch of cloth sewed together.

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