Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?


On September 15 2016 I created my first preliminary task which had to include a basic plot which was set by the teacher. From this preliminary task I learnt how to use the basics of imovie which included, cutting clips and using transitions to make the sequence flow as smoothly as possible.

Since this task, I have worked with multiple groups to produce a suspense sequence (1INTRUD3R) and also an opening/title sequence (VOICES).

dslr & micro features

For the preliminary task we shot our clip on an iPad which meant that our quality of cinematography and sound were low. The iPad did not have any setting options to control focus, iOS or aperture which a DSLR has.

It is obvious that in 1INTRUD3R and VOICES, a DSLR was used. The quality much higher with cinematography and sound so that it produced a clear film for the audience.

Whilst shooting 1NTRUD3R I researched instructions on how to use a DSLR and its features such as changing iso and aperture as well as which setting I would need to capture my sequence on. In this time, I also learnt about the different micro features such as cinematography, lighting, sound and editing and how they can be used to enhance a certain aspect of a shot in a horror sequence.


For example, in 1NTRUD3R, we used sudden loud high pitched sounds, to make the audience feel uncomfortable as it is an unpleasant noise and worked well to build suspense in our sequence.

In my preliminary task, I did not use different cinematography as many were my clips were either long shots or mid shots. However, since then I have broadened my knowledge of micro features, which allowed me to use this in my constructions of 1NTRUD3R and VOICES. In VOICES I used close ups, mid shots, long shots, high shots and also some low shots to allow full effects of our piece.

Preliminary task cinematography
VOICES cinematography


When editing 1NTRUD3R and VOICES, I also learnt how to use the editing software, Premier Pro. With this advanced software I was able to learn how to fluctuate the volume of the sounds and layer sounds to enhance suspense which is key in horror to make the audience scared. Premier also allowed me to include more technical effects and transitions which allowed my pieces to flow better and also magnify the theme of horror through them.

This is an example of my editing skills I have learnt through using Premiere Pro. Here I have layered two shots over each other and lowered the opacity of the top layer so that both clips can be seen at the same time.
The only editing used on my Preliminary task was on iMove. On iMovie I was able to cut clips and create a basic film, as it did not include any extra features such as layering and sound effects, which Premiere has.


I have also used websites such as SurveyMonkey, Adobe Spark, Prezi, SlideShare and Youtube. Through these websites I have learnt how to upload files and share information through them. I have learnt many new skills such as video making and putting together surveys and results from them. With these skills I have been able to improve past pieces of writing and also filming from the results of surveys I have made.

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