As time passed, this semester, I was able to learn more about me and my writing. With the help of my professor and other students, I have identified some issues in my work. Concepts such as focus, voice, and redundancy were my weakness. I was pleased to know that I was improving in my work, and it made me feel as if I had succeeded in overcoming some of these obstacles.

~ Writing Assignment 1
~ Writing Assignment 2



A real struggle I faced with my writing was redundancy. I would constantly reuse a word sentence after sentence mostly because it felt natural for me. However, after much practice, I am glad to see that my improvements have revealed themselves in the eyes of my professor.
~ Ede SW 7
~ Ede SW 12
~ Ede SW 11


When it came to the SSJ assignments, I found the first few to be challenging because they were all opinionated. The problem I had with this was finding the right voice in order to express how I was feeling and also trying to figure out how much detail would be enough. Growing up I was so used to the teacher telling me how much to write and what to include, so this was something different for me. I learned that I had to write however much it took for me to be satisfied with answering the question. By the time of our last SSJ, I was glad to hear some positive feedback that acknowledged my progression throughout this semester. Though the course has now come to an end, all the new material that I learned in this class will go unforgotten.


The Community and Me

From the very first act of service done by Moravian as a community, to our professor allowing us to explore the environment and choose a service event of our own, I was able to grow. That feeling of arriving somewhere new and not yet fitting in right away kept pondering in me. I was nervous and more into myself especially as a commuter. Even after attending the student affaires sessions, I still felt a bit detached at first, but then I found them to be helpful. I personally had no problem that was too extravagant, but the sessions were helpful because of the new information I was able to learn about Moravian and the opportunities that were available such as study abroad, counseling, and internships. As time passed I began exploring around campus with friends and getting to know the place where I plan to spend 4 years of my academic life and before you knew it, I had bloomed. I fell in love with the faculty, the people, and the community. The events that were held and the opportunities to view not only what was up at north campus but the music and art side of Moravian as well. I also decided to go to some events on campus such as when the rescue puppies arrived, the "spa day" event at the hub, and the pizza party event. Later in the spring I also plan to maybe help teach the younger kids at William Penn.


Coming in to Moravian I was set at becoming a nurse and I still have not lost hope. I just need to take another journey that may be different from others, but I hope to come out stronger. I have decided to continue my 4 years at Moravian with a public health major and accounting minor. Then I plan on taking an accelerated BSN program at which I will have achieved my goal. Thanks to some counseling with Dr. Terrizzi, I was able to meet with the head of the Public Health department and get to know more about the major and my options. I decided to take a chance and so far I feel confident with my decision and can only hope for the best in my future.


Experiencing new things and then discussing them seems hard. In one semester so much has happened and it is odd to think it has already come to an end. Soon an entire year will have passed and I will be on my second year of college. However, I will never forget this first semester and how it has changed me both academically and personally. The discussions with professors, the writing assignments, the extra events, and even lunch with friends. All of these things helped me to become a better writer and person.


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