Caption Writing Assignment By: Alexus Butler

Bailey O'Loughlin (Junior) and Frank Throckmorton (Sophomore) making a tower out of spaghetti noodles and marshmallows at Junction City High School for a project last Monday. The students enjoyed the diversity of the project, "In this project we're doing something as a group while in the other ones we were doing it individually," said Throckmorton.
Bailey O'Loughlin (Junior) and Frank Throckmorton (Sophomore) fixing some of the noodles on their tower. The students were struggling to put their hands through the tower without breaking it. "Building it a little bigger so our hands will all fit in it," said Throckmorton when asked what he would do differently if he built the tower again.
Bailey O'Loughlin (Junior) and Frank Throckmorton (Sophomore) adding more noodles to their tower to give it more support during class in the photo imaging classroom. They had trouble stabilizing the tower, but it worked out in the end. "The hardest part was trying to get it to be steady, and able to stand on it's own," said O'Loughlin.
Frank Throckmorton (Sophomore) and Bailey O'Loughin (Junior) positioning one of the noodles in a better direction and give the tower an abstract look last Monday in photo imaging. The students had fun doing the project. "I enjoyed getting to be creative and deciding what I wanted to make the tower look like," said Butler.


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