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Through this Video class I have upgraded my use of script writing, shooting video and then finally editing my video. I have determined myself into learning these techniques and executing them to show my advancement of learning. My editing skills have come a long way since the start of this class. The scripts I write now have a lot more detail and description.

This video was our first assignment for this class. It was a very fun video to record. It is a Public Service Announcement for sportsmanship.

This video is a documentary on me. It is about me playing tennis. This video is interesting because of the unique angles used. I enjoyed shooting these scenes of this video. There is some things I was we would of added to this like making the green screen have a cool effect.

This video was a really fun and unique video to make. It took a lot of thinking on how we were going to set up the camera to best fit this challenge. I enjoyed this video and it gave me the opportunity to educate myself on how you can make a video more dramatic with angles.

This video was a unique video to make and made me think a lot in the process of producing this video. I wish we would have took close ups in parts of this video to add more of a dramatic look.


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