Mustang Shelby GT 500 the specs and history


The history - If you ask any car enthusiast about the Ford Mustang, you will get some thoughts of appreciation. When you talk to people about the Shelby Mustang, You’re going to see some minds explode in astonishment and maybe even hear some some fireworks go off. The Mustang is an American muscle car icon. The Shelby is an American legend of the road. The Shelby isn’t a car people dream about owning — it’s a car people dream about seeing in person.

The Shelby Mustang wasn’t designed to be a family vehicle or designed to be comfortable. In its earliest years, it was built with race car spec and performance parts to dominate on the track and it performed accordingly. The Shelby Mustangs legend lives in the hearts of enthusiast’s imagination because of its unwilling attitude to become another sensible car. The Shelby is a car you buy because you want a real american muscle car that was made for burning rubber and coming out on top.

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