Ten opinions about Zootopia By Stephen Storti

1. In the beginning of the film, I really don't like the part where Gideon bullies Judy.
2. These character designs are amazing and it has good facial expressions.
3. It also has a lighting detailed at the Gazelles concert.
4. I like the part where the DMV employees are all sloths.
5. Nick's personality traits has a clever move.
6. I don't think Mayor Lionheart is not the nicest mayor in Zootopia.
7. In the alternate script every predators was going to wear tame collar but they decided to change the script.
8. At first, I thought Gideon was the bad guy but almost at the end he apologize to Judy of what he did in the past.
9. This scene is very heartwarming of when Judy and Nick hug each other.
10. Nick and and Judy are both likable characters.

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