"Patron Saint" Saint Sebastian By: daniela Botero

Born: c. 256 AD

Died: January 20, 288 AD

His feast day is celebrated on January 20

He is the patron saint of soldiers

He began his service for the Roman Army in 283 AD. He was so good at his job that they promoted him to serve in the Praetorian Guard to protect Emperor Diocletian, the emperor that was famous for ordering the deaths of hundreds of Christians. While he served in this position, he witnessed twin brothers who were imprisoned for refusing to make public sacrifices to the Roman gods and witnessed their parents trying to get them to renounce their faith. Sebastian managed to converge t their parents and many other individuals to Christianity.

He was caught spreading Christianity and the emperor ordered for him to be killed. He was killed by being tied to a stake on a training field and being used as target practice. His body was riddled of the arrows and a woman, whose husband was also martyred, nursed him back to health. When he was healthy, he went and confronted the emperor and criticized him. The emperor ordered that he be beaten to death with clubs and thrown into the sewers.


He is the patron saint of soldiers, athletes, and those who desire a saintly death.

According to historical records, he defended the city of Rome against the Plague in 680.

A Christian woman, named Lucinda, recovered his body from the sewers and secretly buried him in the catacombs beneath Rome.

Dear God, through intercession of Saint Sebastian, please help all the soldiers that are overseas at the moment fighting to protect us and our country. Please allow for them to stay safe and come home to their families soon. Amen.









I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this work. Daniela Botero

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